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Adding Vintage Charm to a New Home

Adding Vintage Charm to a New Home

Vintage charm in dining room with exposed ceiling beams, shiplap and vintage furniture

As farmhouse enthusiasts, we love anything that’s vintage, chippy or worn. But if you’re living in a newer house, it’s sometimes hard to get that well-loved look. If you want to add vintage charm to your newer home, here are some ideas for how to incorporate antiques and flea market finds into your new build.

A chippy closed cabinet hanging from the wall with ivy planter on top
In her guest bathroom, homeowner Heather Targaglia of The Morning House hung an old closed cabinet on the wall to act as both decor and a practical place to store bathroom essentials.


The main features of your home, such as molding, door frames and flooring, will be new. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add antique accents. Install smaller, more manageable architectural features to balance some of the newness. Replace your home’s new doorknobs, drawer knobs and even window treatments to add vintage charm with older pieces.


It’s a costly venture to replace all your new light fixtures with antiques, and the labor involved with electrical and wiring is enough to put most people off such a project. Instead, fill in your new lighting with smaller forms of retro lighting that will give your home that vintage charm you love. Try incorporating vintage table lamps, candlesticks and sconces for showstopping antique designs.

An old bookcase filled with house plants, white jugs and vintage charm books
Heather combines the displays of a bookshelf and a hutch by mixing dishes, plants and books—proof that sometimes unexpected designs can come together in a surprisingly coherent way.


Repurposed or repainted furniture is always a great way to add vintage charm. Head to the flea market and pick up a piece you can paint and upcycle. For seating, you can either try your hand up upholstery, or add a slipcover to the current upholstery for a new-to-you look. The quality and integrity of the furniture will remain, just with a refreshed exterior.

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Living room with shiplap walls, old furniture and teal accents

And old sign that says 25
Heather’s vintage “25” sign is for her birthday (on the 25th), but also doubles as Christmas decor when December rolls around.


Don’t allow your new blank canvas to discourage you from purchasing antiques. Sometimes it’s hard to immediately envision where you’ll put that chestnut armoire or set of whicker rocking chairs, but if they really speak to you, then you’ll make them work. As homeowner Heather Targaglia says, “Don’t walk away from it, because you can always find a spot for it.”

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