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Vintage Organization Charm 

Vintage Organization Charm 

colorful home office with vintage repurposed items for organization

Flea-market finds and color coordination can turn your organizational mess into a tidy and cheerful space.

A rainbow is a symbol of hope and new beginnings. Often my goals for the new year include some type of organization for our home. At The Vettel Farm, I think vintage items have a place in every home, so why not use them for your office organization too? Take a look at different items you can use for vintage organization.


Every office needs a good shelf. A crate of any kind will do, if it has a beautiful vintage patina. When hanging your crates, ensure that they are well built. These crates were created to store heavy objects in the bottom, not on the sides. Adding a few extra support nails can ensure that your new shelves
are sturdy.

repurposed tool box pencil organizer
The crates I used here are an old encyclopedia crate and two vintage ammunition crates. For my small office supplies, I used a wooden toolbox with a metal handle. But you could even use an all-metal toolbox with a lid to keep your office gems safe.

Vintage Toolboxes

Toolboxes have always been meant to be a one-stop shop, and today they can serve as a catch-all for office supplies. Look for toolboxes that have a handle for easy transport. Finding one with dividers is an extra bonus because you can organize your office supplies in even more detail.

painted vintage soda crates
Soda crates are durable because, destined to bear scuffs and chips, they were made to be used over and over again. There are many different divider combinations you can use; sometimes they can be helpful in sorting smaller items. Adding a fun cursive label to each one keeps files organized and accessible.

Soda Crate Storage

Vintage soda crates add so much color to any space. I find that using them for bills is a win-win because when the crate gets full, I know it’s time to start filing. The wonderful element about these crates is that they’re all stackable. Most were made the same size, so any brand of crate will work.

repurposed vintage crib bulletin board

Crib Mattress Bulletin Board 

Vintage crib mattresses are my favorite type of bulletin board to pin up creative ideas. An average crib mattress is over four feet long, with ample room to post creative ideas, mementos and photographs. I love to use mini clothespins to pin up an array of ideas.

repurposed vintage chicken feeder in home office
I have included small bowls inside my chicken feeder to easily categorize items, but you could ultimately store a lot of office supplies in these farm-friendly trays.

Chicken Feeder

A chicken feeder is a small metal tray with holes in it for all your dainty chickens to eat. But think again! This is a great organization solution. Paper clips, tacks and magnets are all readily available for you to use at your convenience.

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