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Piper Classics Farmhouse Décor: Cozy in the Details

Piper Classics Farmhouse Décor: Cozy in the Details

One Piper Classics pillow on a sofa.

Making your home cozy doesn’t happen all at once.

One thing we know to be true about creating a home aesthetic is that it never happens overnight. You want pieces with personality, history and style, too. Of course, that takes time and care—and finding quality pieces can be a challenge. When we’re shopping for fresh farmhouse décor, we know we’ll find it at Piper Classics, especially in their Piper Originals collections.

Inspired by Farm Life

One small and one large Piper Classics wood lantern-style candle holders holdingdried flowers and one candle.

“I guess you could say we were born into country and raised on antiques,” reads the first line of Janine and Brenda’s story. Sisters and business partners, it’s their country roots in Doylestown, Pennsylvania that inspire their designs and bring you the Piper Classics we know today.

Just the same as building a home design that you love takes time and work, so does building a successful family business. For Janine and Brenda, farmhouse décor is about more than just a home aesthetic; it’s about a love and appreciation for the country life. We see and feel it in all their designs. For them, it’s all in the details, and in the care that they put into each of their products.

Thoughtful Textiles, Warm Wood

From left to right along a wall are a rocking chair and wood chevron art piece, window with cream drapery, “farmhouse” sign, and wood bench with two white throw pillows.

When we say that we find coziness in the little details, we mean that no one item or accessory is going to immediately make your home feel cozy. It’s the combination of little things that you choose that make your home, well… homier.

Textiles and soft surfaces are a great place to start if you’re going for a cozy feeling. Above, Farmcloth striped drapes and throw pillows give this wall so much more dimension, and the rich fabrics create visual interest. Warm cream tones complement the wood furnishings to tie it all together. 

Without each of those individual elements, this room wouldn’t be the same. Farmhouse décor doesn’t have to be cookie cutter, and there’s no exact recipe for achieving coziness. Trust your heart and select pieces that make your space feel exactly how you want it!

Piper Classics Farmhouse Decor

In front of a shiplap wall is a dark wood crate and two tall and one round ceramic jars holding flowers and greenery.

Want to learn more about Piper Classics? Read their story here, or visit their website to sign up for emails so you can stay in the know about future deals and promos!

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