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How to Choose Fixtures and Fittings

How to Choose Fixtures and Fittings

Bathroom designed in modern farmhouse to complete the style.

Taking into account both the style and function of a space is paramount to creating a cohesive look. Breaking it down into fixtures and fittings can help determine which items are permanent and which can be more easily swapped, if necessary.

We’ve partnered with Signature Hardware to provide the fixtures for our project house with Yankee Barn Homes, and their Brand Content Manager, Adriel Harris, has answered our questions regarding fixtures and fittings best practices.

A stunning copper tub completes the rustic theme of the bathroom.
This stunning copper tub not only makes a statement in this bathroom, but it contributes and completes the rustic theme of the space.

American Farmhouse Style: What is the first step in choosing the right fittings and fixtures for your home?

Adriel: The absolute first step should be to understand your project’s needs. Once you know that, make a plan for the styles, materials and features you want—the renovation process will go much smoother if you go in with a fleshed-out blueprint.

A shower system with faucet and shower head finished with brushed nickel.
The finish on your faucets or shower heads will determine whether it stands out or blends into its surroundings. This brushed nickel shower head allows for a sleek finish and blends into the gray background.

AFS: Can you describe the difference between a fitting and a fixture?

Adriel: These are terms that we’ve seen used interchangeably many times, as it can be difficult to concretely define what some consider fittings or fixtures. To avoid overlap, I personally consider fittings to be accents or décor that is placed in the home. These are items that are relatively easy to swap out, like carpets, curtains, beds, and televisions. Fixtures are items that are secured to the ceiling, wall, or floor, and generally thought of as essential to the makeup of the home. Think toilets, bathtubs, sinks, light fittings, and built-in wardrobes.

AFS: What is the most important thing to keep in mind when making these choices? 

Adriel: Assess the current state of each room before the installation or selection process. Not doing so could lead to costly mistakes.

Bathroom designed in modern farmhouse to complete the style.
The gray rug, mirrors and vanity are all fittings in this modern farmhouse bathroom, but the sinks and faucets are fixtures that contribute to the overall style.

AFS: How does finish play a role in the decision-making process?

Adriel: Finishes can make or break the vision you have for your space. If you’re only using one, pick items with memorable silhouettes. If you go the mixed-metal route, make sure they’re showcased confidently, with a sense of purpose and deliberate intent. Either way, there needs to be a feeling of harmony in the room, as design should tell a timeless, cohesive story.

Single bowl sink in gold
Functional fixtures can become stunning focal points with the right finish, and this gold finish farmhouse sink certainly steals attention in this kitchen.

AFS: Why is it important to choose the right fixtures?

Adriel: Each room should have a common thread that unifies all the fixtures in the space. That’s so important because without a proper layout or plan, the room will look disheveled and thrown together.

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