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How to Set Your Christmas Tablescape

How to Set Your Christmas Tablescape

Farmhouse Christmas tablescape in red and green

I love setting the table! My Grandmother would assign the task to me before Sunday lunch, holiday meals and any other special occasion where we dined in the formal dining room. My Grammy not only taught me how to set the table but how to make it look beautiful by making a statement. Follow these steps for a Christmas tablescape that will make a statement at your next holiday meal. 

Ribbons for a Christmas tablescape
Select three colors of ribbon for your tablescape.

What You Will Need 

  • Table linens (tablecloth or a runner) 
  • Christmas dishes (plates, glassware, etc)
  • Napkins
  • Silverware
  • 5 candlesticks of varying heights 
  • 3 different colored ribbons 
  • Long strand of Christmas bells 
  • 3 different types of greenery
    • long main strand (I used Cypress) 
    • Short stems (I used Mistletoe) 
    • Medium stems (I used Pine)
greenery for a Christmas tablescape
Weave the strands of greenery in your Christmas tablescape.

Back to Basics

To begin your Christmas tablescpae, first start with a clean table. Cover your table with Christmas linens (tablecloth or runner), making sure it is centered. Then place your longest piece of greenery in the middle of your table and position it so it appears even on all sides. Next, add in the other short greenery stems. Weave them into the main strand of greenery in the middle so that they are in a symmetrical fashion. 

Make a Statement

Then add the medium size greenery stems to the very end of your greenery. This will create the beginning of your “statement piece.” To really make a statement, I chose to do this on the side of my table where guests will see it when they walk in the door. 

Next, secure the Christmas bells under the greenery in the center so that they are hanging down from the table towards the floor in front of the ribbons. You may use 3M hooks or lead weights to do this. Last, tuck ribbons one color at a time under the greenery at the end. Create a pattern that is visually pleasing to the eye using three colors.

The complete steps for your Christmas tablescape
Steps to make a Christmas tablescape that will wow your holiday guests.

Let the ribbons hang down to the floor on one end of your table. You may use tape to secure these if you feel it’s necessary. However, the weight of the greenery was enough to keep mine in place. Cut the bottom of the ribbons, letting them curl under slightly. 

Ribbons for the table
Curl the strands of ribbons for a festive touch.

Final Touches

Evenly position your candlesticks of varying heights on the table to create a place setting for each guest by using layers of Christmas dishes including plates, cups, bowls, silverware, napkins, etc. I love my reindeer dishes and look forward to using them every year! You may also add place cards here if necessary. 

Now you have a Christmas tablescape, beyond the traditional flowers and mini trees, that really makes a statement! I hope you find yourself surrounded by those you love at a beautiful table this Christmas!

Christmas tablescape that makes a statement

Get your home ready for the holidays with a Christmas mantel. And, of course, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for more daily inspiration and farmhouse style.

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