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A Modern Boho Farmhouse in Georgia

A Modern Boho Farmhouse in Georgia

Horizontal image of living room with cow photography art and blue geometric area rug

A pair of Savannah newlyweds turned their starter home into a dreamy modern boho farmhouse fit for the long haul.

Exterior of farmhouse with gable and turquoise front door
After purchasing the house, homeowner Stacy Smith decided to replace the front door with something new. “I knew I wanted something that would add more character to the front entry, so I decided to go with a door that has windows,” she says. She chose a standard, pre-fab door and painted it a sunny blue.

When newlyweds Stacy and Bret Smith purchased their first house in Savannah, Georgia in 2012, it was in need of some updates. “Think ’90s wallpaper with fruit all over the walls, green laminate countertops and very dark cabinets,” Stacy says. “I feel like most people probably would have turned and walked away when they saw the amount of cosmetic work that was required, but the bones were good.” The result is a modern boho farmhouse for the long haul.

Entryway with open shelves and white walls
The white sideboard in the entryway was a Facebook Marketplace find. “I was able to bring it back to life by giving it a fresh coat of paint,” Stacy says. She kept the existing hardware to maintain the age and classic style of the piece.

DIY Friendly

With the help of their extended family, the couple started renovations to create a space more to their liking. “Thankfully, my husband and father-in-law are super handy when it comes to building and finding budget-friendly ways to accomplish the look I was going for,” Stacy says. “We found ways to make the vision I really wanted work without adding the extra cost of major renovations.”

Stacy incorporated a geometric area rug to tie the whole space together with modern boho farmhouse vibes. “It’s washable, so if any accidents happen, I can just toss it in the washing machine and it’s back to new again,” she says.
This cozy dining room is where Stacy and her family eat most of their meals together. She added her own DIY shiplap to the walls. Roman shades, hanging baskets and a basket chandelier tie the room together for a boho-plus-farmhouse feel.

The couple started renovations by removing the popcorn ceiling, old wallpaper and carpet. Then they painted the entire house from top to bottom. Without changing the existing footprint, they also made updates to the kitchen and both bathrooms, exchanging a double sink in the primary bathroom for a single vanity and extra storage. “There is not a space in our house that hasn’t been touched,” Stacy says.

Stacy's style changes have resulted in an effortless continuity that carries throughout the house, yet makes each space unique.

In the kitchen, Stacy sticks with her minimalist décor philosophy and keeps very little on the countertops. “I don’t like a lot of things crowding the kitchen countertops, so my thought process is, if we use it daily, I keep it out, if not, it’s stored away in cabinets,” she says.
This charming coffee bar relieves the kitchen of extra clutter. “We decided to create a coffee bar area that could double as extra storage for small kitchen appliances to be stored away,” Stacy says.
“I get asked all the time how we keep our house so tidy with kids, and this is my secret,” Stacy says. “Having this extra space lets them keep all of their toys in one room and not all over the house.” The “babe cave,” as they call it, is home to the girls’ toys, desks for homework and even a TV. A pink accent wall adds a whimsical touch.

Stacy and Brett even turned an upstairs bonus room into a darling “babe cave” once the couple had two daughters. “My husband likes to say he was booted out of this room,” Stacy says. “It was his man cave before we had kids.” They’ve put years of work into the house and there’s always more to come. “This house has been a work in progress for us from the day we bought it,” Stacy says. 

“This room belongs to our youngest daughter and it 100% matches her personality,” Stacy says. “The rattan furniture is a staple with boho style, but it’s sometimes hard to come by without breaking the bank.” She found the shelf unit on Facebook Marketplace for $30, and the headboard for less than $100.

Design Style

Stacy’s aesthetics have changed over time, but have landed in a place that feels like home to her. “I used to be really into all farmhouse,” she says, “but I got to the point where I just wanted to declutter everything and start fresh with what was calming to me.” Now, she describes her style as “modern farmhouse with a minimalistic boho twist.” Stacy gravitates toward clean and simple with an emphasis on neutral colors, black-and-white, subtle warmth from natural wood and touches of greenery. 

“After long days, I wanted a room that was calming and relaxing, so I tried to keep it simple,” Stacy says. “We were handed down a few furniture pieces from my grandparents, so I refinished them and incorporated those.” She kept the colors of the primary bedroom neutral, then added texture through elements like the floor rug, pillows and a collection of baskets on the wall.

Her style changes have resulted in an effortless continuity that carries throughout the house, yet makes each space unique. For example, the guest bathroom has bold starburst wallpaper that lends a dramatic air to the room, while the living room is open, bright and peaceful. “Our living room is where we as a family spend 95% of our time,” Stacy says. “My favorite aspect is definitely the high vaulted ceiling; it makes the space feel much more open and airy.”

When Stacy and Brett first purchased the house, the backyard was unfinished and filled with overgrown trees. “We wanted to design a space that we could enjoy with family and friends, so we decided to have a patio laid the entire length of the house,” Stacy says. This allows for ample seating year-round in the Savannah weather.
The above-ground aluminum pool was a pandemic addition to the yard for the Smith kids. While at first they managed just using a ladder, Stacy’s husband and father-in-law eventually built this deck. “I gave them the vision I wanted and they figured out the best way to make it work,” she says. “We chose to go with composite decking boards, which upfront is more costly, but over time, well worth it because you have less maintenance down the road.”

Together with the help of their extended family, Stacy and Brett have completely overhauled the home’s interior and created a backyard for entertaining and family fun from scratch.

“All of our family have had some part in making this house a home for us,” Stacy says. “If we ever decide to move one day, it’s not going to be an easy place to leave.” All their hard work has paid off to create a bright and welcoming boho farmhouse where they can happily raise their family.

Stacy wanted this bathroom, which is for her daughters and guests, to have a bold touch. She opted for a starburst wallpaper instead of colorful or bold tile for the floor. “I decided that putting a fun pattern on the wall would be less permanent if I ever wanted to change it up,” she says.

Tips for Modern Boho Farmhouse Style

Want this fun vibe in your own home? Here are a few recommendations from homeowner Stacy Smith of Farmhouse to Frills for how to get a modern boho farmhouse look.

Originally, the primary bathroom had a long vanity with a double sink. “When we renovated the bathroom, we decided to go with a one-sink vanity and a storage shelf for bath towels and bathroom necessities, which fits our needs much better,” Stacy says. The renovated bathroom is a simple and calming space with all the necessities.

Declutter. While this may seem counterintuitive for busy boho style, for Stacy, it’s a key part of the aesthetic. “Get rid of things that do not serve a purpose in your home,” she says. This will allow your décor to  shine through.

Add contrast and textures. The boho vibe is about both simplicity and fun. “If you go for a muted or neutral base for your wall color, floor tile or backsplash, then go for a patterned rug, or fun pillows and blankets to play against those simple bases,” Stacy says. “And don’t be afraid to mix patterns; that’s ultimately what boho style is.”

“The fireplace is something we changed up shortly after we moved in,” Stacy says. “We added shiplap to the wall to create dimension to the space, painted the brick all white to give it a clean, modern look, added a faux wood mantel and converted the fireplace from wood burning to gas.”

Plants, plants and more plants. “This is a staple,” Stacy says. Fill your home with house plants, from snake plants and cactuses to the classic farmhouse fiddle leaf fig. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can opt for faux plants, or even try some of each. 

Natural touches. Wood tones are where farmhouse and boho styles meet. “I love using natural wood elements for warmth and neutral baskets for storage,” Stacy says. “Even using a basket chandelier is a great way to tie in the natural elements for a simple boho look.”  

When Stacy couldn’t find a cabinet to fit the space below the TV, her husband and father-in-law stepped in to build this custom piece. “I needed a large piece of furniture for that wall to fill the space,” Stacy says, “so they built this piece from scratch.” The mini barn doors contribute a farmhouse element to the living room.

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