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Simple Spring Styling for Your Farmhouse

Simple Spring Styling for Your Farmhouse

Shabby chic bedroom dresser with DIY botanical prints, vintage children’s clothing and fresh spring bouquet

Styling for spring doesn’t have to be an all-out affair like Christmas. Add a few simple touches to your main spaces to keep your home fresh and lively without spending too much time or money. Here are a few ideas for simple spring styling.

Bedroom with vintage wood dresser, hanging botanical print and fresh tulips.
Choose small areas where you can change out your wall art for seasonal pieces.

Botanical Prints

While finding vintage originals is a dream come true, you can also find many images online that you can download and print yourself. Search for free images, or try this one and this one to get you started. This is what homeowner Desiree Guy does with her botanicals. She hangs them all over her home during spring. Make sure you print the illustrations on thick cardstock. Taking the images to a professional print shop is the best way to ensure lasting quality for your new spring wall art.

Shabby dresser top with rustic wood tray, jug of spring flowers and candle.
Add a few faux flowers to flat surfaces such as dresser tops, nightstands, and bookshelves for added interest.

Light and Bright Colors

Keep the color scheme in your home from getting chintzy during spring. You can do this especially if you have neutral everyday décor. Decide on a few spring colors such as shades of blue, pink and yellow, or periwinkle and pale green. Then add pops of color throughout your house in pillows, wall art and, of course, bouquets of fresh flowers. If you already have lots of color in your home, fresh flowers are always a great way to celebrate spring.

Hallway looking into blue bedroom, with vintage furniture, fresh spring flowers and soft textiles
Keep lots of soft textiles in your home during the spring, both for warmth and to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Soft Textiles

Heavy blankets and fluffy pillows may seem like a winter accessory, but depending on your location, they may still be very necessary until the weather warms up. If you want to swap out your winter textiles, try switching just the pillows and keeping your soft throws around for a few months longer. They’ll still soften the room and make it welcoming, just like spring.

Tabletop styled for spring with vintage frames, fresh flowers and faux flowers
Mix faux and live flowers to create a full effect without breaking the bank.

Spring Flowers

The more flowers, the merrier the house. Fresh bouquets will help not only brighten the house, but air it out after the long winter months. If you don’t want to spend your whole budget on blossoms this season, try this trick. Choose one central area in your home for fresh flowers, such as a living room side table, kitchen counter or entryway table. Then add faux flowers to other parts of your home so you still have the beauty of flowers without the expense of constantly replacing them. You could even get faux flowers made of felt or paper.

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