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10 Boo-tiful DIY Halloween Costumes

10 Boo-tiful DIY Halloween Costumes

Girl with bumble bee costume against yellow backdrop

Trick or treat! And we've got a treat for you—10 sensational DIY Halloween costumes perfect for farmhouse style. They're sure to grab attention at the local monster bash and plus, they won't scare your bank account. Grab the scissors, unwind the yarn and get ready for some spooky DIY magic!

Toddler dressed as an orange felt carrot with tufts of green tulle coming out of his hat as the stem.
Courtesy of Make It & Love It.

Carrot Craze

Don't worry, this little veggie monster doesn't come with any 'carrot karma'! Grab some orange felt and green tulle at the fabric store to create this smile-worthy DIY Halloween costume.

Courtesy of Where the Smiles Have Been.

Too Cute and Full of Stuffing

Don't toss out that old pair of overalls just yet! Patch up the holes with some felt, flowers and straw for a too-cute-for-words masterpiece. Send your little scarecrow out for candy in comfy style this year!

Courtesy of Sew Can Do.

The Littlest Pumpkin

You can't find this level of cuteness at the pumpkin patch! DIY Halloween costumes like this one will keep your pumpkin warm throughout the night of trick-or-treating and light up the neighborhood with smiles.

DIY halloween costume white bunny on girl
Courtesy of Imaginary Tail

Little Rabbit

Rabbits might be annoying when they're munching on your vegetable garden, but if you're not Mr. McGregor, then this little bunny costume is the perfect pick! Plus, it's already halfway done for you, courtesy of Imaginary Tail on Etsy.

Courtesy of The Happy Scraps.

Best of the Roost

Halloween might be spooky but this DIY Halloween costume ain't chicken. With simple cut and glue steps, this project is easy work yet polished and detailed.

Adult bear costume made with brown sweatpants, velvet shirt, fur hat, slippers and gloves.
Courtesy of Brit + Co.

Bear Necessities

Some costumes are too scary to 'bear'. Stumble right out of the briar patch with this easy-to-make growler. It'll take some pre-planning if you need to order supplies, but end result is definitely worth the wait!

Courtesy of Merriment Design.

Mason Jar Magic

This DIY Halloween costume is for all you Mason jar maniacs out there! And here's the best part: it requires no sewing. You can spruce it up any way you want; have some fun and switch out "Mason" for your family name or play with different fonts. It's up to you!

Courtesy of The Renegade Seamstress.

Cowgirl Sass

There's a new sheriff in town, and her name is 'DIY Diane.' A lot of the pieces for this costume might already be in your closet, making it an ideal choice for a quick throw-together get up!

Girl with bumble bee costume against yellow backdrop
Via Brit+Co.

Bumble Bee

Who pollinates all the crops, vegetable gardens, fruit trees and flower fields that make farm life possible? The bees, of course! This cute DIY Halloween costume by Brit+Co is both clever and cute.

Courtesy of Modest Style by Keara Lei.

Sweetest Strawberries

Bring a little summer time sweetness into October with a red dress and green felt hat. This charming costume is so pretty and polished with just a touch of vintage flare.

Want some more DIY magic? Click here to spruce up your home on a budget so you feel ready to host your Halloween get together. Of course, don’t forget to follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest to get your daily dose of farmhouse inspiration!

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